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Calm and clear eczema with this facial at Apple Queen Beauty

Eczema affects millions of people worldwide. Not only does it get red and itchy, but it also makes skin dry and sensitive.

Symptoms of eczema:

  • Dry skin that cracks and bleeds easily

  • Itchy and bumpy skin

  • Inflammation of wounds

  • Itching, especially at night (which can make it hard to sleep)

The most common areas affected by eczema include:

  • Face (especially cheeks)

  • Scalp

  • Neck

  • Arms (especially elbows)

  • Legs (especially knees)

Eczema causes the top layer and other layers of the skin to become fragile and damaged, compromising their function as a protective barrier. This increases the risk of bacterial, fungal, and viral infections.

It's important to avoid excessive scratching as it breaks down the skin barrier, which can cause further bleeding, painful oozing spots, and even infection.

How to control eczema

The key to controlling eczema is to moisturise, moisturise, and moisturise.

When the skin is well moisturised, the skin's defence barrier is well maintained, and the chances of skin irritation are greatly reduced.

Use a fragrance-free, hypoallergenic moisturiser and apply it generously after showering and before bed to replenish the moisture lost during the day and give the skin a chance to repair itself well.

How to clear eczema

Regular facials may not work well with eczema-prone skin because it can cause further irritation.

Customers have seen a significant reduction in eczema flare-ups with specialised treatments — like personalised facials at Apple Queen Beauty.

This is a customer's skin pre-facial, with redness and flaking skin.

Here's her skin after a few sessions at Apple Queen Beauty.

She even saw a visible difference in the skin around her hairline and ears, much to her itching relief.

It takes time, but with patience and cooperation, you can get there. Remember that eczema may not be able to be cured fully, but you can definitely get it under control.

Let our beauticians help you today. Contact us at +65 6221 9569 to make a booking.

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