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I used to feel really bad about my skin. 
This got me studying a lot on how to keep the skin clear and healthy. Now, I wish to share some of this knowledge with customers who are facing the same struggles as me.

Specialties: Customized Facials, Thorough Extractions



I know how scary it can be to face a skin problem alone. In me, I hope my customers will find someone they can trust to solve their skin issues together.

Specialties: Painless Extractions, Back Facial

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My pimples were so bad, I didn't feel like getting out of my house. Thanks to Apple, I finally got the confidence to get out there and meet new people. 

Si Xing

I wanted my wedding to be perfect but my persistent acne made things very difficult. Apple literally saved my prewedding shoot and actual wedding day by giving me the clear skin I haven't had for years. 

Hwee Cheng

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I'm just happy that that my skin improved so much. 

No more nagging from my mom and hopefully, this will make it easier for me to find a girlfriend.

Ting Hao


Our Signature Facials

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Traditional Oat Facial

The traditional oat facial includes our 30-min signature extraction and a specially formulated oat mask aimed at clarifying the skin after the thorough cleansing.

First Trial Price: $69

(Usual Price: $189)



Extraction Facial

This facial includes an intense

60-min session of extraction that focuses on clarifying and removing whiteheads and blackheads as thoroughly as possible. This is followed up by electroporation and soothing mask to calm the skin and replenish necessary nutrients.

First Trial Price: $129

(Usual Price: $296)


Micro Skin Boost

This facial uses a combination of extraction facials to clear the skin of acne and a skin resurfacing machine to smoothen and lighten acne scars.

First Trial Price: $179

(Usual Price: $398)

24k gold.jpg

24K Gold Facial

This facial harnesses the goodness of Gold and its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits in boosting microcirculation of the skin to treat skin infections, calm acne-prone skin and boost cell renewal. 

First Trial Price: $109

(Usual Price: $298)

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10 Anson Rd, International Plaza, Singapore 079903

Tel: 6221 9569



Mon - Fri: 11:00am - 09:00pm / Sat: 10:00am - 05:00pm
CLOSED on Sunday.

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